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Manhole Cover Cushion

RAP-O Will Silence your Noisy Manhole Covers

Rap-O Manhole CushionRAP-O Will Reduce Wear in Manhole Covers & Seats

RAP-O ill Reduce Infiltration from Ground Water

RAP-O is a Round Cord Impregnated with Asphalt

RAP-O is Soft and Pliable with Plenty of Body



1. Clean loose dirt and large lumps off of the cover seat
2. Place RAP-O flat on the seat, overlap ends
3. Replace cover without disturbing the position of the RAP-O

• Reduces noise
• Reduces wear
• Reduces infiltration

This product is a soft, pliable, round cord, which is impregnated with asphalt and is approximately 1/2” in diameter. It will silence noisy manhole covers and reduce cover and seat wear. Cut the 84” length as needed and leave an overlap at the splice joint.

Dimensions: Approx 1/2″ diameter x 96″