Polycat 609

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Concentrated – use less product!

Polycat 609 is a premium polymer flocculent designed to pull suspended solids out of wastewater for faster clarification. It may be used alone or in conjunction with alum or other flocculating agents, and contains unique buffering agents to assure proper flocculation over a wide pH range.

The waste-handling capacity of the treatment plant can be increased when solids are removed faster and more efficiently by proper flocculation.

This product is non-toxic, biodegradable, and will not upset the bacterial action of digesters.

For floating and suspended Organic Solids.


Polycat 609Dilute 1 part Polycat 609 with 4 parts water, spray directly on solids using a Hudson Sprayer.

Add 1 pint Polycat 609 to the sewage daily for each 50,000 gallons of flow, for normal conditions. For best results, allow to drip into the influent as soon as it enters the plant.  More severe conditions may require double the normal recommendation.

CONTAINS: Water (CAS# 732-18-5); Acrylic Emulsion (CAS# N/A); Potassium Hydroxide (CAS# 110-58-10). Ingredients not toxic under Section 313 of the Title III (SARA) and 40 CFR Part 373.

Available in 5-gallon pails.