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Belt Press Cleaner

• Enhances Belt Drainage
• Reduces Cleanup Time
• Neutralizes Excess Polymer

Belt-Clean is non-toxic and is biodegradable.
Belt-Clean contains no ammonias, caustic, or phosphates.
Belt-Clean eliminates belt blinding due to excess polymer buildups.


For Polymer Spills:
Scoop up excess polymer and place in a suitable container for disposal. Apply Belt-Clean to residual polymer and scrub with broom. Allow product to sit for 10 minutes. Use high pressure spray to wash chemical sewer.

For Belt Wash Application:
Inject product into wash-water line at a dilution of 1 gallon of Belt-Clean to 8000-16000 gallons of wash-water. Dosage applied will be dependent on degree of belt fouling from excess polymer, oil, and grease.