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PWC Pressure Wash Concentrate

Perfect for hand washing, coin-operated or automatic washing operations. As little as one ounce per gallon of water gives mountains of active suds that clean thoroughly and rinse freely.

MA-11 Cement Remover

Muriatic acid based product. Widely used for removing heavy accumulation of mortar (cement) from cement handling equipment.

Alumi-Sol Cleaner and Brightener

Outstanding for the cleaning and brightening of unpainted aluminum truck trailers. Removes rust, stains and calcium buildup. Also excellent for cleaning fiberglass boats. Contains hydrofluoric acid. Do not use without chemical resistant gloves. May be diluted with ten to forty parts of water, depending on the condition of the surface to be cleaned. Do not use on hot surfaces and dispose of reminder of solution when finished.

Assault Touchless Traffic Film Remover

Designed to be used through a pressure washer to quickly remove dirt, oil, grease and exhaust from aluminum or painted surfaces without attacking the surface. A special ionic detergent system quickly floats away film without the use of brushes or other manual devices. Brightens aluminum without the use of acid. Designed for fleet washing. Always wet surface before applying and don't apply assault in direct sunlight.

Wash & Wax

Liquid concentrate is a blend of synthetic detergents, emulsifiers, and wetting agents that leave a lustrous, mirrored finish, providing a hand waxed appearance. Also helps lubricate brushes to aid in their efficient use.

RV Chem Black Streak Remover

Works like magic to remove all marks, stains, bugs, tree sap and oxidation buildup on awnings, boat covers, vinyl and aluminum siding. Safe on all painted surfaces. Also available in 1 doz. quart cases.

Soyslide Asphalt Release Agent

Soy based product that does not allow hot asphalt to adhere to surfaces. Asphalt will slide right off dump beds, rollers, rakes, shovels, spreaders and other surfaces. 100 percent safe ingredients. No hazardous diesel fuels or harmful fumes. Mix one quart into five gallons of water. Very cost effective.

Natural 50 Citrus Tar Remover

Citrus-based powerhouse product that removes tar and asphalt from vehicles. Also outstanding for decal and bumper sticker removal.