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Vehicle Wash Concentrate

Loosens & Floats Dirt Away

An economical liquid concentrate that is a synergistic blend of special detergents, emulsifiers and wetting agents. It quickly loosens and floats away dirt, dust, grime, insects, and road film.

For Manual or Automatic Washing

This formulation is perfect for hand-washing, coin-operated or automatic washing operations. Can be used on cars, trucks, and buses.

Economical to Use

As little as one ounce per gallon of water gives mountains of active suds that clean thoroughly and rinse freely.

Easy to Use! A Time Saver!

This concentrated cleaner mixes completely with water and goes right to work. It contains no film-forming soaps and will not dulle, water-spot, or streak painted surfaces, windows or chrome. A real labor saver — does the job right the first time!