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Non-viscous liquid, biodegradable and contains no phosphates. Excellent product for cleaning and brightening exterior surface of unpainted over the road aluminum (truck) trailers. Also works well as a cleaning and etching agent In preparing metal surfaces prior to painting or welding.


Brightens and cleans vehicle surface without the use of acid. Brushless vehicle wash ideal for fleet washing, High dilution ratio makes this very economical.


Non-viscous liquid, biodegradable and contains no phosphates. Excellent for dissolving mortar from new brick construction. Brick mason contractors report this to be the most superior brick cleaning product they have ever used.


Removes and dissolves grease, grime asphalt, oil and tar without harsh chemical odors. Heavy flushing action instantly begins working to penetrate, loosen and lift soils away.


Car and truck wash. A special formulated blend of surfactants, emulsifiers and detergents. P. W. C. is perfect for hand washing or automatic washing operations.


Use on mobile homes, RVs and boats. Safe on Corian, fiberglass, vinyl, Formica and all painted surfaces. Works like magic. Removes all marks and stains.  Removes rust stains on awnings.


Restore stops further erosion and rusting of machinery, tools, vehicles, equipment, boats, metal buildings, and more.


Soy-based product that does not allow hot asphalt to adhere to surfaces. Asphalt will slide right off dump beds, rollers, rakes, shovels, spreaders and other surfaces.


Truck & Trailer Wash Concentrate. Designed to be used through a pressure washer to remove dirt, oil, grease, road film, bug residue & exhaust from aluminum or painted surfaces.


This economical liquid concentrate is a synergistic blend of special synthetic detergents, emulsifiers and wetting agents that leave a lustrous mirrored finish.

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