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Semi-Synthetic Cutting & Grinding Coolant

Syncut is a general-purpose semi-synthetic coolant that can be used on cast iron and all ferrous metals. It has been designed to provide excellent tool life and part finish, along with good corrosion protection, and low foam. Unlike many coolants,

Syncut will phase separate extraneous oils so that they can be removed by skimmers and coolant recycling systems. This fluid contains lubricant additives that enable it to perform a wide variety of operations including milling, drilling, boring, cutting and grinding.


  • Excellent Bio-Resistance
  • Stable Micro-Emulsion
  • Oil Rejecting
  • Not Irritating to Skin
  • Mild Non-Offensive Odor
  • Excellent Corrosion Protection
  • Does Not Remove Paint or Damage Machines
  • Good Hard Water Stability


Syncut contains petroleum oil, along with other lubricant additives, that provide excellent film-boundary lubrication and heat dissipation at the tool/part interface. This coolant will outperform many similar general-purpose semi-synthetic products.


Syncut should be used in an operating range of 5-10% (20:1 – 10:1) for machining and grinding. Always add concentrate to water and stir vigorously to ensure proper mixing. The sum life of this coolant, as with any other, will be greatly enhanced if charged to a clean, bacteria-free system.

Appearance, Concentrate Clear, Blue
Appearance, 5% Dilution Transluscent, Blue
Specific Gravity (g/mL) 1.006
Pounds per Gallon 8.4
pH 5% Dilution 9.5+/- 0.25
Nitrites None
Chlorine None
Sulfur None
Phosphorous None
Freeze/Thaw Pass 3 cycles
Hard Water Stability >1000ppm
Cast Iron Chip Rust Test (2%) Pass

Available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon tote bin quantities.