Nature’s Flyaway

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• Formulated with essential oils that disrupt breeding sites for filter flies, fruit flies and other insects.
• Offers very effective insect management.
• Fortified with enzymes and good bacteria to liquefy and digest grease, waste, fats, proteins, starches, tissue etc.
• Foaming formula insures product will stay on surface area.
• Pleasant fragrance deodorizes area while digesting waste and reducing insect growth dramatically.

Available in grape, lilac, and almond cherry fragrances.

Nature's Flyaway Digestant


Restores and revitalizes natural biological action

Nature's FlyawayEnzymes and bacteria act surely but slowly. Therefore, do not expect results for several hours. Enzymes and bacteria will continue to regenerate, work day and night, and prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Available in 4/1-gallon case or 5 gallon pail