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General Acid Cleaner

Task is a special blend of phosphoric acid, surfactants, and chelating agents designed to remove mineral deposits, scale, rust, water stone and alkaline residue from stainless steel manufacturing equipment. This product can be foamed on, applied with a brush or nylon pad,or used in soak applications. Used as a regular step in your sanitation program it will keep your stainless shiny and bright.

Task General Acid Cleaner

Usage: Task can be foamed through all conventional foaming equipment at dilutions ranging from 16:1 to 30:1. It provides a clinging foam and will remove soap scum, and other non-organic build ups. As a neutralizing cleaner it can be used in soak applications such as hot oil fryers diluted 30-50: 1. For hand cleaning of stainless usually a dilution of 2-4 oz. per gal. of water is sufficient. Task is also effective in the removal of milk stone and beer stone.

Caution: This product contains phosphoric acid and can cause bums to the skin and damage to the eyes. When using this product wear chemical resistant gloves, boots and outer clothing and sometimes a full face shield may be necessary. If your skin comes in contact with this product rinse with cool water for at least 5 minutes. If irritation persists seek medical attention. If splashed in eyes rinse the eyes with cool water for 15 minutes holding the eyelid open, then seek medical attention.

Available in 55 gallon drum and 4/1-gallon case