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Cleaner, Degreaser, Deodorant

Contains no butyl cellusolve

A revolutionary surfactant system; so superior in efficiency, it threatens to replace every all purpose cleaner and heavy duty degreaser (even “butyls”) on the market today! Designed for tough jobs, it instantly dissolves and emulsifies greasy, oily soils, heavy grease, carbon deposits, rubber burns, soap scum, oxidized waxes, oil, ink, and dirt accumulations. Economical, this product can be diluted with up to 100 parts water and be very effective. Perfect for hand or mopping operations. automatic scrubbers,and pressure washers. Versatile, this product’s superior grease and soil penetration and retention enable it to be used for everything from light cleaning to heavy duty degreasing. Also, it destroys odors not just masks them, and continues to do so – a residual effect.

• Versatile – use for everything from light to heavy duty cleaning.
• Perfect for showers – dissolves soap scum and destroys odors.
• Economical, highly concentrated.
• No harmful  vapors, harsh acids or solvents.
• Very effective deodorant action.
• Removes heavy grease deposits.
• Lifts baked on carbon deposits.
• Non-flammable, non-corrosive, biodegradable.
• Works well in hard, soft, warm or cold water.
• USDA authorized.


Floors – Walls – Machinery – Steel – Plastic – Offices – Garages – Showers – Schools – Restaurants – Trucks – Factories – Motors – Tools – Aircraft – Kitchens – Concrete – Rubber – Food Processing Areas

Cleans: machinery, equipment, motors, tools, concrete, metal, factory floors and walls, restaurant equipment, food processing equipment, shower stalls.


Floors, Walls, General Maintenance:

Light Soil – as high as 1 to 100
Medium Soil – 1 to 30
Heavy Soil – 1 to 15

Kitchens, Engines, Machinery, Concrete, Swimming Pools, Showers, White Side Wall Tires – 1 to 15
Windows, Mirrors – 1-64