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Safety Solvent Degreaser

This Solvent Degreaser, which contains no carbon tetrachloride, is a complex blend of solvents designed for quick and easy removal of grease, oil, dirt, lint and wax from metals, electric motors, plating equipment or machinery and tools. Small motors can be submerged while running. Degreaser will not harm electric parts or wiring. Leaves no residue, eliminates rinsing and wiping operations. This 100% solvent degreaser may be applied by spray, dip or brush. It is made to be used cold and is never to be heated. It has a high dielectric constant (25,000) volts and leaves no residue, is non-corrosive and emits no toxic fumes.

MS-11 Degreaser - Environmental Chemical CorporationUSES: Electric equipment, electric motors, machinery & tools, metal parts, printing equipment, paving equipment, typewriters, automotive parts, compressors, business machines, plating, diesel engines

Features: no toxic solvents, controlled evaporation, no residue – non-rinsing, superior solvency, high dielectric properties, non-corrosive, no harsh acids or alkali, contains no carbon tetrachloride, fast drying.

Available in 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails