EC-22 Cold Parts Degreaser

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Directions for Use

CONCENTRATED CLEANER AND DEGREASER may be sprayed or wiped onto surface or used in a dip tank. Allow the product to loosen the built-up dirt. Agitation or scrubbing will increase effectiveness and speed cleaning time. A simple hosing down with water will emulsify the grease, dirt, and solvent, and wash them away.

FOR EXTREMELY HEAVY APPLICATIONS: Use full strength or dilute with 2 or 3 parts kerosene or other solvents.


A low toxicity solvent type cleaner for oily and greasy soils from solvents-resistant surfaces. Formulated with a wetting agent to improve solvent penetration into soil and an emulsifier to flush cleaned surfaces with water. The diluted product has neutral pH which is easy on hands and safe on most painted surfaces.


Solvents dilute grease or oil holding soil and emulsifier renders the system water soluble, thus releasing the solvent, oil or grease, and soil from the surface.

Remove grease and oil from engine blocks, transmissions, truck bodies, small parts, tools, and concrete floors.

Removes cosmoline and undercoat overspray from automotive surfaces.

Packaging: 55 gallon drums, 5 gallon pails