DL-44 Delimer

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Lime & Scale Remover

DL-44 Delimer

DL-44 is a blend of detergents. acids. and solvents. Effectively removes scak corrosion and lime deposits. Useful for a multitude of applications such as drain lines. coils. cooling towers. steam cleaners. generators. Excellent for all machinery handling water. Can also be used to remove concrete, mortar and scale. Use 0n concrete trucks. buildings, forms and other similar surfaces. An excellent concrete etching and surface preparation preceding the use of concrete sealers.

For use by industrial plants. schools, factories,  institutions and dishwashers. Formulated for concrete preparation, new brick, equipment & lines, concrete trucks & forms, and water handling.


• Removes Scale, Corrosions and Lime Deposits
• Effectively Removes Mortar & Concrete
• Useful for a Multitude of Applications Such as Drain Lines & Coils
• Excellent for water meter cleaning
• Excellent for de-scaling cooling towers
• Pleasant Wintergreen scent


This special cleaner dissolves and removes rust, scale, lime, corrosion, excess concrete, soap scum, mortar, urine build-up and all water minerals. Designed for really tough jobs, this product’s chemical action quickly penetrates, dissolves and emulsifies oils, dirt, soap scum, and minerals in seconds. Ideal for all acid resistant surfaces. Rust inhibited! Economical, this product is concentrated and should be diluted with water prior to use, except in the most severe cases. Leaves surfaces sparkling clean. This special acid cleaner-delimer is perfect for removing  scale, lime and other deposits from walls, sprayers and screens of automatic dishwashing machines, too.

• Excellent for coil descaling of steam cleaning machines
• Excellent for boiler descaling Mix 10-1 with water
• Excellent for cooling tower descaling Mix 5-1 with water

DL-44 De-Limer - Environmental Chemical CorporationAdvantages:

• Concentrated, fast, very effective
• Ideal for all acid resistant surfaces
• Great for bathrooms, showers, swimming pools
• Penetrates rust, lime, scum and scale
• Municipal Uses: water and gas meters
• Building industry uses: concrete cleaning
• Great delimer for automatic dishwashers
• pleasant odor, non-flammable
• Restores and rejuvenates many surfaces
• U.S.D.A. approved

Heat exchangers, Air conditioning coils – 1 to 10

For removing scale, oil, dirt and rust

Heavy Build-Up – 1 to 5

Light Build-Up – 1 to 20

For automatic dishwashers: Use 4 oz. acid
cleaner-delimer to each gallon of water in rinse or rinse tank of dishwashing machine. Run for 15 minutes. Drain. Follow with dishwashing detergent. Drain and rinse.


Municipalities Air conditioning coils Showers
Water meters Building industry Hospitals
Concrete cleaning Gas meters Food service
Swimming pools Drinking fountains Water lines
Tile and grout Heat exchangers Boilers, pipes

Available in 55 gallon drum and 5 gallon pail.