Astrosol #3

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Ultra Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser

Unsurpassed for removing grease from food service areas. Daily cleaning will help prevent slip and fall accidents. Also works like magic on drive-thrus, parking lots dumpsters, awnings, umbrellas, floor matting, etc. When applied with a deck brush or pressure washer, Astrasol #3 quickly penetrates and suspends cooking oil grease, animal fats, vegetable oils, butter and other food soils from a variety of surfaces.


Mix 1/2 gal of Astrasol #3 into 5/gal of hot water for heavy duty degreasing. Mix l quart into 5/gal of hot water for general degreasing.

Astrosol #3 contains a blend of organic surfactants and inorganic detergents combined with the special degreasing power of butyl cleaners. It strips away animal fats, vegetable oils, grime and carbonized deposits, as well as petroleum greases and oils. This ultra heavy duty cleaner concentrate is ideal for use in commercial and institutional kitchens for cleaning hoods, grills, floors walls and equipment. Recommended dilutions range from 1:5 parts water for stubborn cleaning problems, up to 1; 15 for light duty use.