007 Industrial Degreaser LF

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Powerful Heavy-Duty Cleaner

Highly concentrated water soluble detergent for degreasing and cleaning a wide variety of surfaces. Super heavy duty formula for excellent degreasing action. High phosphate formula containing amide surfactants and detergents with extra grease cutters, water softeners, heavy duty builders and terpenes. Contains 28.5% active ingredients. 007 is a versatile degreaser and cleaner concentrate designed for the most demanding applications.

This super heavy duty product quickly emulsifies heavy grease build-up and tough grime, and keeps it in suspension for superior cleaning. The concentrate formula allows high dilutions for a wide range of cleaning chores, for maximum economy and versatility. Safe to use on any surface not damaged by water. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and biodegradable.

Excellent low foaming formulation with natural citrus scent. Works well with Star or Tennant floor machines as a heavy duty concrete floor cleaner.

• Designed for tough jobs
• Instantly dissolves and emu!sifies heavy grease and dirt accumulations
• Cleans everything cleaner, faster, easier and more economically
• Much copied but never equalled
• Works in hard or soft water
• Designed to meet today's demand for an easy-to-use liquid degreaser
• General maintenance cleaning is accomplished with one product rather than many
• Apply by mop or brush, pressure washer, automatic scrubbing machine, steam cleaning equipment

007LF is a unique super-concentrated, heavy duty liquid cleaner/degreaser for floors and other cleaning. It is adaptable, by dilution, to any degree of soil. It may be used to clean any washable surface in the plant or office. It contains no carbon tetrachloride solvents. It is effective in dissolving heavy deposits of oxidized waxes and polymers, thick layers of down-trodden greases, baked on deposits of carbon, soot, resins, gum, oils, dyes, inks, and hard water soap scum.

007 LF, a powerful cleaner is a balanced chemical compound. It is fully rust inhibited and formulated for cleaning all ferrous and nonferrous metals. Minimum foaming properties gives free rinsing.