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Industrial Products

Cleaning -- Degreasing -- Deliming

State of the art problem solving products for any situation 

007 LF

Low foam powerhouse designed for use in walk behind or riding floor scrubbers. Rust inhibited and formulated for cleaning all ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Natural Concentrated Citrus Cleaner

Unsurpassed for removing Glue, Tar, Grease, Rubber Tire Marks, Grease Traps, Drains, Strong Citrus Scent.

Industrial Max

Aluminum safe -used on Zinc and galvanized metals. Excellent cleaner in bakeries, dairy, wineries, and canneries. Particularly effective as a parts washer due to its flash rust inhibition qualities.

Big Bear H.D. Industrial Laundry Detergent

Works magic on Aprons, Towels, Uniforms, Reusable Wipes, Table Cloths. Designed for heavy duty cleaning.

Astrosol #3

MIX 20-1 With water for floor plant degreasing, awnings, floor matting, equipment, etc. Apply with deck brush or pressure washer to remove oils, fats, grease and other soils.

Citrusol Cold Solvent Degreaser

Safely remove grease, oil and tar. Can be used in a dip tank or sprayed onto surface. Safe on most plastic and painted surfaces, but test before using on these surfaces.

MS-11 Safety Solvent Degreaser

Replaces III Tri-Chlor and carbon tetrachloride. High solvency with controlled evaporation. Leaves no residue. Has high dielectric constant (25000) volts. Used
cold. Never to be heated.

Natural 50

Dilimenene based with multitude usage. Unclogs drains and grease traps, removes printers ink, decals, tar. The product to try when nothing else will do the job.


A blend of phosphoric acid, surfactants and chelating agents designed to remove mineral deposits, scale, rust, water stone and alkaline residue from stainless manufacturing equipment.


Non-butyl based formula. Very concentrated. Use 2-4 oz. per gallon to clean floor, walls, machinery, steel, plastic, equipment. Excellent for fat, protein removal.

Contractor's Choice Floor Finish Liquifier

Strongest, toughest, floor finish stripper of them all. Removes all metal interlocked floor finishes and waxes quickly, safely and economically by eliminating the need for floor machines and stripping pads. Mix 20-1 with water. Very cost effective.

DL-44 Delimer

Blend of detergents, acids and solvents. Removes limescale and corrosion deposits in drain lines, cooling tower, steam cleaner, and generators. Rust inhibited and should be diluted with water prior to use. Do not use on aluminum.

EC-22 Cold Parts Degreaser

Best used in a dip tank. A low toxicity solvent type cleaner for oil and grease removal. Formulated with a wetting agent to improve penetration and an emulsifier to flush cleaned surfaces with water. Use on engine blocks, transmissions, truck bodies, small parts, tools and undercoating.


Ready to dilute multiple liquid complex cleaning compound for removing rust, lime and metal corrosion from air conditioning coils, cooking kettles, drinking fountains, tile and grout, shower stalls, water meters, coffee urns, swimming pool walls, bed pans, bronze and copper.