Titanic Weed Killer

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Titanic is a water-dilutable, diquat dibromide-based contact week killer for use as a general non-selective weed killer on non-crop areas and as an aquatic weed killer. Titanic works through foliage of the plants by blocking the photosynthesis process and is deactivated in soil upon contact with clay particles.


General weed control: for use on rights of way, railroads, highways, pipelines, commercial buildings, fence lines and parkways, greenhouses, nurseries, etc. Titanic leames no residual in soil, so the treated area could be planted as soon as the spray is dry. Diquat only burns what it comes in contact with. It does not affect the woody bark of trees and can be sprayed around the base without any harm to the trees. Titanic is not tied to vigorous plant growth, so the fall and winter months it continues to be effective. Titanic reduces concern over rainfall following an application because diquat is inside the plant and rainfast within 8 hours.

Aquatic weed control: for control of floating and submerged weeds in ponds, lakes, drainage ditches, etc. Apply to plants actively growin in water with an average temperature of 60° F or above. Diquat is rapidly absorbed by plants so that very low concentrations in water will give effective aquatic plant control.

For non-crop areas: dilute 3.2-6.4 oz per gallon water (2.5-5 gallons in 100 gallons water) and apply for full coverage and thorough weed contact. For submerged aquatic weeds, apply undiluted at the rate of 10-20 gallons per acre by distributing evenly over infested areas in strips 20-40 feet apart. For floating weeds, dilute 5-10 gallons in 5o to 200 gallons of water per acre and apply as an overall spray.

SAFETY – Do not allow entry into treated areas within 24 hours after treatment. Do not use treated water for drinking purposes, animal consumption, spraying or irrigation within 4 days after treatment.

  • Non-selective
  • Non-residual/contact weed killer
  • Fast acting
  • Water-based
  • Water dilutable
  • For general and aquatic weed control
  • pH: 6.5
  • Specific Gravity: 1.026
  • Diquat Dibromide: 4.35% min.
  • Appearance: Black Liquid
  • Odor: Odorless
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • May be fatal if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through skin. Causes skin irritation. Do not get material on skin, eyes or clothing. Wear face shield, rubber gloves and rubber apron when handling concentrate.
  • Refer to M.S.D.S. and product label for additional safety information and directions for use.