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ECC Machine Dishwash

ECC Machine Dishwash contains a powerful blend of cleaning agents to cut through heavy food build-up, dried on deposits and stubborn grease and oil. Special sequestering agents assure thorough cleaning of glass, porcelain, plastics, metal and earthenware, even in hard water. This formula cleans tough protein soil and removes stubborn stains from all surfaces. Use 1/2 to 1 ounce of ECC Machine Dishwash per gallon of water in the wash tank. Hard water areas may require additional amounts of detergent. Not intended for hand use. USDA Authorized.



Water minerals such as calcium and magnesium disappear in the presence of this product, while it dissolves grease, body oils and soap scum. A special blend of detergents make this product great for cleaning all types of fixtures and surfaces. It is designed to remove dulling soap, lime and organic residue films from numerous surfaces such as marble, terrazzo, porcelain, Formica, chrome and stainless steel. Dilution up to 1 part cleaner to 60 parts water still cleans. Dilution varies depending on condition of equipment, amount and type of soil. One product cleans many surfaces - saving the cost of buying and storing many different cleaners.

RA-11 Rinse Aid

Concentrated - for Automatic Dishwashers Equipped with Rinse Injector Equipment. RA-11 Rinse Aid's highly concentrated formula reduces the surface tension of water droplets, thus preventing them from drying on articles that have been washed. The result is sparkling, spot-free glasses, dishes and silver. RA-11 Rinse Aid is so concentrated, diluted to half strength it out performs other rinse additives at full strength. You will be amazed at the economy of this product.


Nickel safe. Turn off refrigeration and water supply before use. Remove parts that may need descaling. Mix 2-3 oz. of IMC-90 per gallon of warm water in plastic container and soak parts until they are scale-free. Use a soft brush for added agitation. IMC-90 also cleans storage bins and other areas where scale has formed. Also cleans evaporator and the entire recirculating water system. Use 4-5 oz. per gallon for this use. After finishing, drain solution and flush thoroughly with fresh water. Return service to machine. Discard initial batch of ice.

Packaged: 4/1-gal. per case.

SR-22 Sanitizing Rinse

SR-22 SANITIZING RINSE Disinfectant • Sanitizer • Deodorizer • Mildewstat* This highly concentrated quaternary type sanitizer/disinfectant is effective for use in a variety of operations. Perfect for sanitizing glassware, flatware and food contact surfaces, SR-22 sanitizes at 1/4 ounce per gallon of water. SR-22's clear formula requires no rinsing when used as directed. A versatile product, it can be used for warewash sanitizing, disinfecting floors, walls and equipment.

Available in 4 One Gallon Cases.

Food Grade Oil Spray

Food Grade Lubricant • Contains only food grade ingredients • Effective from -40° to +250° F • Contains no silicone • Odorless and tasteless.

Packaging: 1 dozen cans/case

M-122 Stainless Steel Polish

This water based oil emulsion represents the best combination of ingredients to remove both water and oil based soils, stains and spills. Ideal for all brushed and high gloss metal surfaces. This creamy emulsion quickly removes all dirt, grease, fingerprints and oxidation leaving the surface sparkling clean, spot free and shining...with no greasy film. A protective coating is left to resist further soiling. Convenient aerosol packaging. USDA Authorized.

Packaged 1 dozen per carton.

Scrubs Hand Sanitizer Wipes

SCRUBS® Hand Sanitizer Wipes combine a highly effective skin sanitizing formula and an abrasive, non-scratching towel for a one-step sanitizing system. This product dissolves contaminated biofilm and kills, absorbs and removes disease causing germs and bacteria from skin. SCRUBS® Hand Sanitizer Wipes provide a rapid kill in seconds. Also available in lemon scent.
• Kills 99.9% of germs
• Dissolves bio-film
• Prevents cross-contamination
•Replaces alcohol gels, which do not remove contaminants
•Helps reduce the risk of infection and disease
• Broad spectrum
•Can be used where soap and water are not available.

Packaged 6 per case

Astrosol #3

MULTI-PURPOSE DEGREASER. Ultra Heavy-Duty Cleaner and Degreaser. Unsurpassed for removing grease from food service areas. Daily cleaning will help prevent slip and fall accidents. Also works like magic on drive-thrus, parking lot dumpsters, awnings, umbrellas, floor matting, etc. When applied with a deck brush or pressure washer, Atrosol #3 quickly penetrates and suspends cooking oil grease, animal fats, vegetable oils, butter and other food soils from a variety of surfaces.

H.L.D. Concentrate

Lotion Hand Washing Detergent. This neutral pH dishwashing detergent is specially designed for industrial, institutional and restaurant use where fast grease emulsification and long lasting suds are a must. Ideal for cleaning pots, pans and dishes, this product works quickly and leaves surfaces spot and film free. Made from only the finest anionic and nonionic surfactants, this formulation rinses quickly and easily. Although tough on grease and fat, this lotion dishwash contains emollients to protect and condition the hands. This dishwash is also excellent for hand washing delicate fabrics such as rayon, silk, orlon, nylon, and dacron.