Nature’s Workforce

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With Insect Control

Contains Neem Oil

Use for both commercial and residential applications in grease traps, sinks, floor drains, kitchen floors, dumpsters and anywhere insect pests are present. Safely removes grease and other organic matter disrupting breeding sites for drain pests.

For use in Restaurants, Hotels, Restrooms, Apartments, Transportation systems, anywhere organic matter may accumulate causing odor and pest problems.

• Specialized bacteria rapidly digest odor causing organic matter.

• Professional strength grease degrader and odor remover.

• Safe and Effective

• Biodegradable.

• Safe on plumbing and septic systems.

• Non-ToxicNature's Workforce

Nature’s Workforce is an innovative formulation of naturally-occurring bacteria and essential oils designed for the degradation of organic solids,odor control and effective insect control.

Use Nature’s Workforce as an essential part of your total sanitation program. Apply as a spray directly in grease traps, floor drains, sink drains, on kitchen doors, dumpsters or on any surface where organic matter may accumulate causing odor and pest problems.

• Cleans and removes odors which “Attract Insects.”

• Relief for kitchen traps and drains where ever insect pests are troublesome.

• Essential oils have been incorporated into this unique formula to protect treated areas against insect infestation.

Available in 4/1-gallon case