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E2 FoamFresh

E2 FoamFresh Sanitizer Cleanser is made for use in the food service industries. E2 is a hand wash that effectively reduces bacteria on the skin without the need for pre-wash.

• Helps support compliance with good hand hygiene practices • Meets USDA regulations and requirements for food processing environments • Excellent skin compatibility • Mild, yet effective hand wash for high-risk areas • Dye and fragrance free

E2 FoamFresh Sanitizer Cleanser comes in factory sealed containers so there is no chance of contamination. A pump comes with every 1,000 ml container. Our manual dispenser comes with a keyless locking system. A key is required for the automatic dispensers. Dispensers are available in black or white. E2 FoamFresh Sanitizer Cleanser is economical. It delivers more than 1,300 hand washes per container.

Envirofresh Antimicrobial Foaming Hand Wash

Factory sealed pouches -no chance for contamination. Pump comes with every pouch. Keyless locking dispenser available in black and white. Delivers more than 1,300 handwashes. Free dispensers.