Nature’s Army

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Drain Digestion – Waste Eliminator

Reduce Grease Trap Pumping

Nature’s Army Drain Digestant and Deodorizer

Nature's ArmyContains biological activators and accelerators; billions of catalytic bacteria. Formulated for fats and grease. A scientifically blended concentrate of specially selected and cultured bacteria plus enzymes. Under conditions favorable for biological activity, Nature’s Army will digest and liquefy organic waste thereby unclogging sinks, drains and grease traps. Restores the normal function of septic tanks. Odor control is provided instantaneously by neutralizing the malodor and eliminating the odor at its source.

Nature’s Army is specifically formulated for waste digestion, containing the necessary specific enzyme systems from both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to digest chemical organic waste with no odor or noxious gas.

Powerful and versatile with the following enzymes:

LIPASEBreaks down grease and fats CELLULOSEBreaks down cellulose
PROTEASEBreaks down proteins AMYLASEBreaks down carbs and starches

Extremely high bacterial and enzyme count, over 200 billion per gallon!!! Stops clogging and eliminates odors. No harmful acids. Safe on plumbing. No harmful caustics.

Available in 5-gallon pails, 4 1-gallon case