C.I.P. Cleaner

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ECC Chlorinated C.I.P. Cleaner is a concentrated chlorinated low-foaming cleaner. It is made with a special low-foaming surfactant that will help break the surface tension yet still not foam enough to interfere with C.I.P. procedure. C.I.P. Cleaner is effective in milk lines and also for the removal of protein. 4 to 8 oz. per gallon of water.

A highly alkaline, low foaming, liquid product containing alkaline builders, chelating agents and sodium hypochorite (chlorine bleach) for quick removal of fats, protein, oils, grease, milkstone and other product residue normally found in food plant C.I.P. cleaning. Particularly effective where excessive temperature is not needed.(120F - 140F optimum temp).

Chlorinated C.I.P. CleanerPerfect product for cleaning of pipes and tanks in dairies, for vessels making products containing milk or cream and for bleaching or whitening.

• Concentrated, low foaming cleaner formulated with chlorine bleach for maximum cleaning effectiveness.
 Extremely efficient as a protein remover, in milk lines and also as a stain and grease remover.
• Formulated with a low ·foaming surfactant blend that helps break the surface tension, yet doesn't interfere with the cleaning in place procedures.
Can also be used with warm or cold water. Use one part C.I.P. to 8-10 parts water when extreme cleaning power is required. Dilute up to one part C.I.P. to fifty parts water for less demanding cleaning needs.

Available in 55 gallon drum.