E2 FoamFresh®

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Sanitizer Cleanser

E2 FoamFresh® Sanitizer Cleanser is made for use in the food service industries. E2 is a hand wash that effectively reduces bacteria on the skin without the need for pre-wash.

Helps support compliance with good hand hygiene practices

Meets USDA regulations and requirements for food processing environments

Excellent skin compatibility

Mild, yet effective hand wash for high-risk areas

Dye and fragrance free

Perfect for frequent hand washings

Active ingredient: 1.25% Benzelthonium Chloride

E2 FoamFresh® Sanitizer Cleanser comes in factory sealed containers so there is no chance of contamination. A pump comes with every 1,000 ml container. Our manual dispenser comes with a keyless locking system. A key is required for the automatic dispensers. Dispensers are available in black or white.

E2 FoamFresh® Sanitizer Cleanser is economical. It delivers more than 1,300 hand washes per container.