Drains/Grease Traps

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Nature's Army

With high levels of free enzymes and bacteria cultures. For drains, grease traps and septic systems. This liquid digestant combines the patent waste digesting properties of special strains of bacteria with Free Enzymes by a proprietary stabilizing process. These enzyme catalysts work synergistically with the bacteria for the fastest action available in a liquid digestant. Treat grease traps, septic systems, wet wells and pit toilets for clean, efficient odorless operation. Keeps drains sweet smelling! Available in Quarts/Gallons or Drums.


Nature's Workforce

WITH INSECT CONTROL. Contains Neem Oil -Repels Flies, Gnats, etc. Used for both commercial and residential applications in grease traps, sinks, floor drains, kitchen floors, dumpsters and anywhere pests are present. Safely removes grease and other organic matter disrupting breeding sites for drain pests. For use in Restaurants, Hotels, Restrooms, Apartments, Transportation Systems, anywhere organic matter may accumulate causing odor and pest problems.

• Specialized bacteria rapidly digest odor causing organic matter • Professional strength grease degrader and odor remover • Safe and effective • Biodegradable • Safe on plumbing and septic systems • Non-Toxic

Available in Quarts/ Gallons or Drums.


Commercial Floor Drain Protection -Quat-Based Formula

Easy to Use • Fits all Floor Drains • Metered Application • Safe • Economical

LISTO-SHIELD drain screens washing action will clean floor drains and wash away any buildup of scum, sludge and other accumulations from forming in the drains and drain lines. This is a time-release product. When activated by water from the drain, it produces a continuous metered cleaning action.

LISTOSHIELD drain screen will last longer than most other products on the market today. It is easy to use and can be placed with chemical facing up or down. LISTO-SHIELD drain screen can be used in all floor drains. It's the fastest acting product on the market. Used by: Hospitals, Kitchens, Food Preparation Areas, Food Processing Plants, Schools, Nursing Homes, Restaurants. It comes packages 24 per Case or 12 per Carton. Buy LISTO-SHIELD and have the competitive edge.