Alkaline Cleaning Liquid

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Chlorinated Foaming Cleaner

The Perfect General Cleaner. Chlorinated Foaming Cleaner is a blend of alkaline cleaners, special surfactants, alkaline builders, buffers, chelating agents and chlorine bleach.

This product can penetrate even the toughest soil, and fat build-ups. It also removes protein and almost any soil left in the manufacturing of food products. The most important feature of this product is its rinsability. Chlorinated Foaming Cleaner dries leaving stainless steel clear and bright without streaks or the dull finish left by many competitive products. It is actually a perfect product for almost any sanitation program.

Boil Out Brown

This is a highly alkaline, moderate foaming product formulated to work in most soak application including hot oil fryers. It is effective in the removal of grease, fat and burned on soil. Mix this product with bleach for the removal of starch and protein. Normal usage is between 4-8 ounces per gal. of water.

 Formula 44

A#l rated cleaner that is excellent for power scrubbing and general cleaning of floors, equipment, etc.

C.I.P. Chlorinated Cleaner

This low foaming chlorinated cleaner is designed for C.I.P. (clean in place) cleaning. The sodium hypochlorite in this formula yields excellent protein removal and destaining action. • Provides quick rinsing • Equipment doesn't clog • Non-Butyl • Non-Flammable • No dyes or perfumes

Industrial Max

Aluminum safe -use on Zinc and galvanized metals. Excellent cleaner in bakeries, dairy, wineries, and canneries. Particularly effective as a parts washer due to its flash rust inhibition qualities.


Non-butyl based formula. Very concentrated. Use 2-4 ounces per gallon to clean floor, walls, machinery, steel, plastic, equipment. Excellent for fat, protein removal.

Oven & Grill Cleaner

The removal of heavily-encrusted grease and carbon from ovens, grills and smokehouses requires a very special type of cleaner. Oven & Grill is a highly concentrated cleaner that uses the strength to remove tough deposits with amazing ease. High energy foaming additives produce a "super Icing" foam that allows for deep penetration and removal of baked on grease and grime.

• Biodegradable • Non-flammable • Pleasant lemon scent • USDA authorized Cleans grills, hoods. filters, stoves, rotisseries, deep fryers. waffle irons, drip pans, floor matting, parking lots and dumpsters.

Freeze Kleen

This product is designed to clean those cold rooms where most conventional cleaners freeze in use. Unlike our competitor's freezer products Freeze Kleen contains a special surfactant that will actually clean. For best results use this product undiluted in a auto scrubber or brush in and pick up with a wet vac. Allow product 5-10 minutes contact time before picking up. Freeze Kleen carries a USDA registration approved for that application.