Nature’s Walkaway

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Food Service Floor Cleaner

Nature’s Walkaway is a Biologically-based liquid concentrate floor cleaner. This unique formulation combines chemistry and biology to offer an innovative way of cleaning porous floor surfaces.

Nature's WalkawayNature’s Walkaway contains a synergized blend of Bacillus organisms and free enzyme addition, all of which have been selected for accelerated degradation of organic material that builds up on floor surfaces over time. The bacteria have been selected for the degradation capabilities of organic compounds such as grease, fats, proteins, starch, and sugars. The lipase enzyme addition provides an effective means of hydrolyzing fats, oils, and greases.

Continued use of Nature’s Walkaway in food processing, institutional and industrial floor cleaning applications provides a safe and efficient way of maintaining clean floors, tile, and grout.

Nature's Walkaway


Available in 5 gallon pails and 4/1-gallon case