ECC Liquid Boil Out

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ECC Liquid Boil Out is a low foaming, highly alkaline liquid designed for removal of fats, greases, burnt on product and oils. Its main application is for C.I.P, soak, recirculating tanks when an aggressive product is needed for optimum results.

ECC Liquid Boil OutECC Liquid Boil Out can be used to clean cookers and kettles in cleaning operations, as a bottle wash, for C.I.P. applications in dairies and meat plants, for hot oil fryers and most mechanical cleaning applications where hand cleaning is not used. This product is chelated making it free rinsing and effective in hard or soft water. It also reduces some of the hazards associated with highly caustic powder products sometimes used in the same applications.

Available in 55 gallon drums and 4/1-gallon case