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Non-Acid Coil Cleaner

Coil-Max - Environmental Chemical Coil-Max is a non-acid product formulated specifically for quick cleaning of multi-row finned coils in heating and air conditioning units. Containing an extra-strong blend of surface agents, degreasers, cleaners and penetrants, Coil-Max melts dirt and grime out of the most inaccessible areas without danger to metal or gasket materials.

Developed and guaranteed by Environmental Chemical Corporation. Coil-Max features special corrosion inhibitors and water conditioners that make it absolutely safe for use on all air conditioning equipment.

It will not harm aluminum, brass, copper, or most metals, and works on air conditioning and refrigerator coils, fins, filters and fans. Coil-Max is also excellent for use on any heat-transfer machinery such as heat pumps, water coolers and ice machinery.

• Great grease cutter

• Restores coil surfaces

• Dissolves dirt, grime, oxidation

• No residue


• Cross action multi-purpose cleaner

• Concentrated solution

• Includes degreaser and or emulsifier properties

• Surface applications for instant removal of dirt, magnified dust/lint build-up, grime, sludge

• Penetrates and dissolves hardened minerals, lime deposits, scale, rust, soap scum

• Recommended for metal fixtures, equipment, and internal coils, fins, filters, fans & boiler pipes

• Formulated and tested to work in conjunction with a scheduled maintenance treatment plan

• Rust inhibitor

• USDA approved

• Contains odor eliminating properties


For cleaning finned coils or condensing units, use a low-pressure pump-up type sprayer, thoroughly coating coils with a 3 to 5 part water solution. Thoroughly rinse off with water and it will carry away the emulsified dirt and grime down into condensation pan and will flow out through the drain.

For cleaning permanent type filters, use a 3 to 10 parts water solution. Soak filter for a few minutes in solution and rinse under pressure.

Available in 1-gallon jugs, 55-gallon drums, 30-gallon drums, 5-gallon pails.

Color: yellow.