Frost Free Thermal Fluid

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Thermal Fluid

FROST FREE is a propylene glycol based industrially inhibited fluid with an operating range -600 F to 3500 F.

FROST FREE THERMAL FLUID is the glycol product of choice. Formulated with organic and inorganic inhibitors, there is no better protector for your cooling system. Available in a wide range of pre-diluted solutions. Pre-diluted FROST FREE will eliminate the hassle and guess work associated with achieving the appropriate freeze burst and boiling points. FROST FREE inhibitors have successfully completed the ASTM D-1384 corrosion test. A certificate of assurance is available upon request.

FROST FREE solutions are pre-diluted with distilled or de-ionized water. Our pre-blended fluids have less than 1 ppm calcium and less than 1 ppm magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are the primary contributors to scale formation.


free analysisOnce the coolant has been installed in your system and circulated for 12-24 hours a sample should be taken and tested for the proper freeze point. This is extremely important in cases where the customer chooses to do their own blending.

Once the system is operational an analysis should be performed every 6 months, to ensure peak performance. A maintenance request form will be sent directly to you every 6 months as a reminder that a checkup is due. The maintenance reminder form, sample analysis and recommendations are all part of our Quality Assurance commitment to you and is provided at no charge.


The corrosion inhibitors in heat transfer fluids can become depleted in time either in total or in specific areas. FROST FREE inhibitors or re-hibitors are designed to replenish all inhibitors or only those that have exhausted their service life. With FROST FREE inhibitors you replace only what is required to optimize corrosion protection and extend the life of the fluid.