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Multi-Purpose Acid Cleaner & De-Limer

This special cleaner dissolves and removes rust, scale, lime corrosion, excess concrete, soap scum, mortar, urine buildup and all water minerals. Designed for really tough jobs, this product's chemical action quickly penetrates, dissolves and emulsifies oils, dirt, soap scum and minerals in seconds. DL-44 is a safer substitute for muriatic acid and other strong acid compounds. Restores and rejuvenates acid resistant surfaces. This product has a pleasant wintergreen scent and is non-flammable.

DL-44 Multi-purpose acid cleaner and delimer

• Concentrated

• Fast Acting

• Effective

• Economical

Amazing Results:

• Heat Exchangers

• Water Meters

• Boilers & Coils

• Automatic Dishwashers

• Concrete

• Swimming Pools

• Showers

• Restroom Facilities

Available in: 55-gallon drums; 30-gallon drums; s-gallon pails.