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Deodorizes, Absorbs & Gels

• Vomit • Blood • Urine
and other liquids for quick and easy clean-up

Super absorbent powder instantly encapsulates liquid spills into disposable gels. Absorbs 100 times its own weight! Fresh lemon scent, biodegradable, non-toxic, easy to use. This super absorbent powder offers the latest development in polymer technology.

In just seconds, turn water-based spills into a thickened gel-will not run or drip-for fast, easy pick-up and disposal. Neutralizes accident odors, too! Quickly absorbs all types of water based spills, including: blood, urine, vomit, and other liquid spills. Saves time and money, and minimizes contact with human or animal waste.

Medical: Ideal for hospitals, ambulances, cancer clinics, day care, and nursing homes, veterinary clinics.

Transportation: Great for use in airplanes, buses, ships, trains, taxis, and automobiles.

Public facilities: Hotels, restaurants, bars, pool areas, and any place where slippery floors are cornmon place.

Child care facilities: Day care centers, nurseries, schools, kindergartens and camps.

Available in 12 pint container case.

• Non Toxic • Biodegradable • Non Flammable