Gloss Coat

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Restorer and cleaner in one. Extremely cost-effective restorer delivers superior gloss and cleans the floor in one step operation. Can be auto-scrubbed, mopped on or spray-buffed. Use only 2-3 0unces per gallon of water. Slip resistant, low odor, no mop drag, easy to apply and responds well to burnishing.

Extremely cost effective restorer delivers superior gloss and cleans the floor in one step operation.

• Eliminates Buildup
• Saves Time and Labor
• Deep Cleaning Formula

Gloss Coat is a High Speed cleaner/maintainer for automatic or mop on use. Floors maintained with Gloss Coat can be spray-buffed or high speed burnished. Gloss Coat repairs scuffing, scratching while leaving a burnishable micro layer that burnishes to a brilliant gloss. The economy can be seen when only 2 oz. per gallon are required for daily maintenance.

Non-Volatile Solids (ASTM 02834) 30% minimum
Slip Resistance (ASTM 02047) >0.50 COF
Flammability Non-flammable
Color Water clear
Removability (ASTM 01792) Exceeds
pH (ASTM E70): Concentrate 10.0-11.5
pH (ASTM E70): 2 oz./gallon 8.5-9.5
Soil Resistance (ASTM 03206) Excellent
Freeze Thaw (ASTM 03209) Passes
Weight Per Gallon 8.5 lbs.