Floor Care Products

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Ultra 1000

Very low maintenance floor finish. The next generation of floor care has arrived. 30% more durable compared to conventional finishes. Extremely hard and durable and offers a beautiful gloss right off the mop without buffing. Slip resistant, low odor; no mop drag, easy to apply and responds well to burnishing.



This 100% synthetic detergent with a neutral pH of 7 has been developed to complement the technology of today's super high gloss floor finishes. When used as directed it will thoroughly wet, emulsify and suspend soil from the highly polished floor surface without attacking the gloss of the floor.

Gloss Coat

Restorer and cleaner in one. Extremely cost effective restorer delivers superior gloss and cleans the floor in one step operation. Can be auto scrubbed, mopped on or spray buffed. Use only 2-3 oz per gallon of water. Will not create build-up and hardens and increases life of finish.

EC-155 Dust Mop Treatment

This product aids in lifting dust off all surfaces. This product is formulated so dust adheres to mops and cloths which have been lightly sprayed with this product. Treated mops and cloths pick up dust like magnets.

Rinse-Free Floor Finish Remover

Removes all metal interlocked floor finishes and waxes quickly, safely and economically.

EC-148 Baseboard Stripper

Removes all waxes and finishes. A high power foam cleaner that clings to all surfaces. Use on baseboards, corners, edges, stairs, tile and porcelain. Effective on most floor finishes.

Contractor's Choice

Floor finish stripper. Best you will ever use! Mix 20-1 with water for the maximum results. 100% active formula.