Exterior Maintenance Products

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Knockout II

This product is a VOC Compliant, non-selective weed killer. It contains two active ingredients: Bromacil. which controls weeds through contact and gives season-long residual control, and 2-4-D, which controls weeds through foliage and gives immediate weed burn-down. This weed killer is particularly effective in areas where undesirable vegetation is tall and well-established.

APPLICATION: May be used to kill most weeds and grasses on parking lots, fence rows, loading ramps, railroad sidings, storage yards, around buildings and industrial plant sites.

Green Melt

Tinted, high performance ice melter formulated for minimal or no staining.

E.C.C. offers an ice melter for every customer need. You can trust E.C.C. for unsurpassed quality and service.

ECC-255 Wasp & Hornet Spray

Extremely effective formula. Nozzle shoots 20-foot jet stream which gets results without the need to get near wasp nests.


Ecco-Crete is a permanent solution for cracked concrete, broken control joints as well as spalled concrete surfaces. The rapid set and ultra-low viscosity of the product allows surface to be put back into drive-over traffic within minutes.

Can be applied at temperatures below freezing. Mixes with static water. Finished repair can be treated like concrete (cutting/drilling/coating/securing anchor bolts). Down time is minutes compared to competition. Permanent solutions for your repairs.

Deo-Gran Deodorant Granules

DEO-GRAN DEODORANT GRANULES Specially formulated with a proprietary odor counteractant concentrate. DEO-GRAN neutralizes obnoxious odors. One scoop of DEO-GRAN counteracts odors in dumpsters, compactors, ash trays, waste baskets, etc. In addition to odor control, DEO-GRAN contains natural ingredients which have been proven to deter insects such as flies, bees, mosquitoes, etc. DEO-GRAN is non toxic, making it user and environmentally friendly.

Liquid VIII Non-Selective Herbicide

This water-dilutable concentrate provides up to one full season of non-selective vegetation control. Its concentrated characteristics are ideal in today's cost-conscious economy. Its non-flammable properties allow it to be used around previously potentially dangerous areas. Being non-corrosive to most metals, it can readily be used in areas with metal pipelines and equipment.

Liquid VIII is an effective general herbicide for use on non-cropland areas for control of brush and many undesirable weeds and grasses. Effects will become apparent when the chemical has been carried into the root zone by moisture. Translocation and root absorption produce extensive root kill of unwanted weeds and provide long term control.

Round One

This product is a non-selective herbicide that is diluted and applied to the foliage of actively growing weeds as a spot or broadcast application. It is absorbed by the leaves and moves throughout the stem and roots to control the entire plant. Visible symptoms may require a week or more to appear, with burn-down usually occurring in 2 to 4 weeks. Symptoms are gradual wilting and yellowing of the sprayed plant followed by deterioration of both shoots and roots.

This product has no herbicidal activity in the soil and will not wash or leach to affect nearby vegetation.