Lightning Liquefier

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This no-rinse evaporating floor finish stripper has unusual penetrating and liquefying properties; for removing finishes from floors quickly. When used as directed, this stripper will totally re-liquefy old floor finish buildup and soil with the figurative speed of lightning. Floor finish removal is accomplished without the use of floor machines, stripping pads and excessive costly labor.

• Eliminates costly equipment
• Floor finish removal achieved without a floor machine, stripping pads or excessive rinsing
• Saves on costly labor
• Quickly penetrates and liquefies old floor finish
• Evaporates quickly and completely
• Leaves no residue of alkali film
• 30% stronger –more effective than other no-rinse strippers
• Seals floor totally
• New coats of finish bond perfectly with floor surfaces
• Use with either a wet-vac or a mop and bucket