X-80 De-Icer

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Safety Ice Preventer

Just apply X-80 by spraying or pouring on the surface that need protection from freezing.


x-80 DeicerConveyor Belts

• Open Gears

• Catwalks

• Rollers

• Shafts

• Decks

…and many other surfaces subjected to ambient freezing temps.

X-80 Safety Ice Preventer has many other benefits, including:

• Harmless to skin and clothing.

• No residual effects.

• Maintain productivity schedules.

• Will not harm conveyor belts, rollers or gears.

• Proven product that meets industry standards.

• Regular applications in severe weather conditions will prevent surface rime icing, glazing (clear) and mixed precipitation from accumulating.

Available in 55-gallon drums.