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Multi-Purpose Degreaser

Heavy duty liquid, biodegradable, highly concentrated product. Excellent for removing heavy accumulations of dirt and greasy soils from truck chassis, fifth wheels, road machinery, conveyors, and other heavy equipment caked with mud and grease. It is also widely used in the food processing industry and restaurants for equipment cleaning and removal of heavy build-up of organic matter. We have compared the results of Astro-Sol with many other cleaning compounds on the market and have found nothing to its equal. This concentrated cleaner and degreaser combines water softeners and biodegradable low phosphate surfactants to power away heavy dirt, grease, and grime from most surfaces.

Food Service: Astro-sol is unsurpassed for removing grease from food service areas. Daily cleaning will help prevent slip and fall accidents. Astro-sol also works like magic on drive-thrus, parking lots, dumpsters, awnings, umbrellas, floor matting, etc. When applied with a deck brush or pressure washer, Astro-sol quickly penetrates and suspends cooking oil grease, animal fats, vegetable oils, butter and other food soils from a variety of surfaces.

Very economical: Mix 1/2 gal of Astro-sol into 5/gal of hot water for heavy duty degreasing. Mix 1/qrt into 5/gal of hot water for general degreasing.

Industrial Applications: Designed for tough jobs, it instantly dissolves greasy, oily soils and holds them in suspension more efficiently than competitive formulations. So economical; Astro-sol can be diluted with up to 100 parts water and still perform effectively.

• Versatile – use for everything from light to heavy duty cleaning.
• Perfect for showers – dissolves soap scum and destroys odors.

Cleans: machinery, equipment, motors, tools, concrete, metal, factory floors and walls, restaurant equipment, food processing equipment, shower stalls.

DIRECTIONS: Dilute this concentrate in warm or hot water for best performance. Spray, brush, or mop on, and allow the cleaner to penetrate and loosen deposits, then flush away with a clean water rinse.

For cleaning floors: Concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo, magnesite, vinyl, rubber – use dilution A.

For kitchen cleaning: Oven cleaning (F), deep fat fryer (F), flues (F), canopy and ductwork (F), greasy floors & wooden mats (E), walls (B), refrigerators (D), lighting fixtures (B).

For schools: gymnasium equipment (E), lockers (A), steel files & cabinets (A), bulletin boards (A), showers & pools (D).

For printers: Presses, walls, mats and floors; dilution E will move the most tenacious ink; rubber clothing (D), plastic (C), brick (F), skylights (D), grills (F), air conditioners & heat blower units (D), electric fans (D), white wall tires (E), air filters (F); conveyors, engines, exhaust stains, machinery, metal stock, welding equipment (F); buses, trucks, heavy equipment (E).

Dilution Parts Cleaner Parts Water
A 1 30
B 1 20
C 1 15
D 1 10
E 1 6
F 1 3